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Instant cup noodle making machine

The fried instant cup noodle processing line include ,Alkali water mixing and measuring---flour mixing---dough aging---rolling---steaming---cutting and dividing ---frying---cooling---conveying---packing
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Cup is usually made of paper or PE , has double or single paper . Customer can choose to buy cup making machine or buy cups directly from the market.

There are also  one fork and seasoning bag matching with noodle cake .It's easy for people eating when they are outside.

What's the difference between the instant cup noodle making machine and square square noodle making machine?

The front parts are all same like flour mixing machine, rolling machine ,steaming machine.  There are two parts are different.First part is noodle cutting and folding machine. 

Square noodle cutting and folding is different with round noodle cutting. They have a different working way. 

Second part different is mold (noodle box), one is square shape box, one is round noodle box. 

Now with  our factory technology development , The instant cup noodle making machine  can produce both cup shape and sqaure shape noodle cake. Customer only need buy one more square noodle cutting machine and one set noodle box with noodle box exchanging machine.

Product description Product parameters Other product lines Inquiry
Sequence Product Image Product Name Product Description
Alkali liquid system Alkali liquid system

Water mixed with additive such as salt, alkali.

body,shaft,mixing device stainless steel304,water measuring automatically

Flour mixer Flour mixer

Flour and water combined and mixed full,mixing tank made of stainless steel 304,mixing shaft,water injection pipe,safety head,cover made of stainless steel.

supporter,driving shaft,driving fitting,fastener made of carbon steel

 Aging machine Aging machine

Dough aging, improve the elasticity of the flour.

tray,rod made of stainless steel 304 driving fitting,supporter made of carbon steel

 Rolling machine Rolling machine

feeder,cover made of stainless steel.roller side,supporter,driving fitting made of carbon steel.

scrapper: copper ,guard board for roller:nylon ,noodle press roller: solid alloy ,dough sheet conveying belt: food grade

 Cooking machine Steaming machine

To make slitted and waved noodle mushy and shaped.

steaming groove,cover,spray pipe,conveying chain,net belt,orbit,exhaust pipe,exhaust cover, net belt washing tank made of stainless steel304.

supporter:made of stainless steel

 Cutting& Dividing machine Cutting and Dividing machine

Cutting, folding, dividing, forming the dough pieces and entering boxes, it can form square or circular dough pieces from different molds.

made of stainless steel,dividing plate:silica gel,include centralized oil supply device

 Frying machine Frying machine

Dehydrated by frying, fixing the shape of dough pieces, making dough crispy to taste good.

heating system,temp control automatically,oil pot up and down by manual and automatically .

oil pot:carbon steel,the cover of oil pot:stainless steel,chain and orbit :carbon steel

 Cooling machine Cooling machine

Lower the temperature of dough pieces to meet the demand of packing,conveying net belt made of stainless steel 304.

conveying chain: made of carbon steel,outer guard plate made of stainless steel

Product parameters
Model Power Steam consumption Workshop dimension(m)(Single layer steamer) Workshop dimension(m)(multi-layer steamer) Workers
30000pics/8h 42kw 1000-1200KG/H 50*5*4 40*5*4 4
60000pics/8h 56kw 1200-1400KG/H 55*5*5 45*5*4 4
80000pics/8h 68kw 1300-1500KG/H 65*6*4 55*6*4 5
120000pics/8h 83kw 1800-2000KG/H 75*6*4 65*6*4 5
160000pics/8h 106kw 2000-2200KG/H 85*7*4.5 75*7*4.5 5
200000pics/8h 114kw 2400-2600KG/H 90*8*4.5 80*8*4.5 6
230000pics/8h 125kw 2600-2800KG/H 100*8*4.5 90*8*4.5 6
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