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Fresh noodle making machine

Process flow flour feeding-adding water-vacuum flour mixing -dough aging-dough sheet pressing-dough sheet aging-continuous pressing-Dusting on double sides -cutting and folding-conveying-packing
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Fresh noodle are made from unleavened dough and can be moist (fresh) or dried. People usually eat this kind noodle by boiling it.. There are wheat noodles, or “mein,” made from flour, water, and sometimes salt. There are egg noodles, which are like wheat noodles but a bit chewier due to the addition of egg or lye-water. 

Fresh noodle making machine process :  water mixing--- flour mixing --- dough pressing --- cutting into strip ---- conveying. 

Our factory have different size of fresh noodle making machine. For example 5 set rollers ,6 set rollers ,7 set rollers,8 set rollers and so on.Besides, our factory use cold-hard solid rollers which is very heavy. The roller is still no problem if it press some metal. It can use many years.

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Sequence Product Image Product Name Product Description
    Alkali liquid system Alkali liquid system

Water mixed with additive such as salt, alkali.

body,shaft,mixing device stainless steel304,water measuring automatically

    Vacuum flour mixer Flour mixer

Flour and water combined and mixed full in a vacuum condition,mixing tank made of stainless steel 304.

mixing shaft,water injection pipe,safety head,cover made of stainless steel.

supporter,driving shaft,driving fitting,fastener made of carbon steel.

 Compound rolling machine Aging machine

Second time aging for dough sheet.

tray,rod made of stainless steel 304 driving fitting,supporter made of carbon steel.

 Continuous rolling machine Rolling machine

Press flour into dough sheet.  feeder,cover made of stainless steel. roller side,supporter,driving fitting made of carbon steel.

scrapper: copper ,guard board for roller:nylon. noodle press roller: solid alloy ,dough sheet conveying belt: food grade

 Cutting and conveying machine Cutting and conveying machine Cut noodle into a certain lenght and conveying to packing area,frame made of stainless steel, net belt food grade


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