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Boiled and steam noodle making machine

Process flow : flour mixing -- aging -- dough pressing -- cutting into strip -- cooling -- boiling -- cooling and conveying -- spraying oil -- cooling -- cutting -- packing
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Sometimes boiling noodle also called fresh noodle , boiling noodle making machine process:Alkali water mixer --- flour mixing  ----- aging ----- pressing roll machine ---- boiling machine ---- cooling machine ---- cutting ----- packing 

Making boiling noodle need add some soda.

We have made boiling noodle making machine over 10 years. And we can make it from small to big capacity.

Steam noodle making  machine process: alkali water mixing ---- flour mixing ----- aging ----- dough pressing ----- cutting into strip ---- steaming ----- cooling ------ cutting. 

There are two kind of steamer.One is single layer continuous steamer.The other kind is three layer continuous steamer.Single layer steamer is longer than three layer steamer.Customer can choose accord the workshop size.

Product description Product parameters Other product lines Inquiry
Sequence Product Image Product Name Product Description
   Alkali liquid system Alkali liquid system Water mixed with additive such as salt, alkali
   Flour mixer Flour mixer Flour and water combined and mixed full
 Compound rolling machine Compound rolling machine Press flour into dough sheet
 Dough sheet aging machine Dough sheet aging machine Second time aging for dough sheet
 Continuous rolling machine Continuous rolling machine Pressing dough sheet and make it thinner
 Boiling machine Boiling machine Heat water above 90 ℃ and boiling noodle continuously
 Cooling water tank Cooling water tank Make the noodle cool down quickly
 Dehydrator Dehydrator Remove the water of noodle surface
 Three layer cooling machine Three layer cooling machine Cool down the noodle and make it near room temperature
 Dehydrator Dehydrator Cut noodle into a certain length
Product parameters
Other product lines

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