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02 Jul 2021

Zhengzhou Kingdoo Machinery Co.,Ltd is a professional noodle making machine factory which has over 20 years experience.

Up to now, our factory has exported noodle machine to  many countries . Such as Italy, Czech Republic, UK, Turkey, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Turkmenistan, Russia, Tajikistan, Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Vietnam, South Africa, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Liberia, Madagascar, Mongolia, South Korea, North Korea, Suriname, Guatemala, Peru, Trinidad and Tobago.

Now i List some representative customers and products :

Turkey  Eriser flour group          NUDO                MODEL430 NOODLE MAKING MACHINE 
  Turkey  Nissin group                 NISSIN           MODEL 900  NOODLE MAKING MACHINE 
  Bangladesh Kishwan group           KISHWAN           MODEL 600  NOODLE MAKING MACHINE 
  Indonesia Subur Java                 SUBUR JAVA        MODEL 1000 AND 800  NOODLE MAKING MACHINE 
 Nepal Prime noodle company              MRYON            MODEL 300      NOODLE MAKING MACHINE 
 India Foodees group                                                      MODEL 330     NOODLE MAKING MACHINE 
 Russia VED AO company                                                  MODEL 300 NOODLE MAKING MACHINE 
 Dubai Export Plus international Dwc        PORMIN              MODEL 330 NOODLE MAKING MACHINE 
Zhengzhou kingdoo machinery co.,LtdZhengzhou kingdoo machinery co.,Ltd
Zhengzhou kingdoo machinery co.,LtdZhengzhou kingdoo machinery co.,Ltd

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