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What are the classifications of the oil press?

17 Apr 2018
Oil press is a kind of oil processing machine. The pretreated oil billet was extruded to extract the plant oil. There are two kinds of commonly used hydraulic press and screw press, and most of them are screw press.
Hydraulic press press:
The oil press is used to transfer pressure to make the oil press under static pressure. According to the power source of the oil pump, there are two kinds of manual and electric. According to the way of putting pressure on the cake, it can be divided into vertical and horizontal. There are 1 cylinders fixed on the base of vertical hydraulic press, and a cylindrical piston is installed in the cylinder, and the upper part of the piston is connected with the bearing disc to form a whole. The blanks are prepressed into round cake and coat pancake. 20~40 round cakes are stacked between the cake plate and the top plate. The cake is separated by a thin plate with holes between the cake and the cake to drive the top of the piston, producing pressure and pressing the cake out of the oil. After pressing, the oil pump stops pressing, the piston goes down, the slag cake is unloaded and the cake is reloaded. The oil is repeated intermittently, and it takes about 2~5 hours to press each time.
When the electric fuel pump is used, a circulating oil circuit system can be made up, and several hydraulic presses can be operated at the same time. The structure and working principle of the horizontal hydraulic press are basically the same as that in vertical. The equipment is easy to install, the flow of oil is smooth and the oil in the pancake ring is not oil; but the area is large, and the heavy hammer, pulley or screw mechanism should be set up. The hydraulic press has the advantages of high pressure, high oil yield at a time, less movement parts and convenient maintenance, but the labor intensity of loading and unloading is also large.
Spiral oil press:
The material is continuously pushed forward in the press chamber, and the crude oil is extracted under dynamic extrusion. Besides the feed hopper, the chamber is the main part of operation, consisting of a squeezing screw shaft and a cylindrical press cage. There are two forms of single stage press and two-stage press. One stage has only one horizontal press chamber, two stages plus a straight press chamber for the first stage press. The squeezing screw shaft is composed of several pressing stud and distance ring on the shaft. Each squeezing snail has a certain pitch and snail depth, and the pitch of each screw on one axis gradually shortens from the inlet to the outlet, and the snail depth becomes shallow gradually. Therefore, the volume of the squeezing chamber gradually decreases from the import to the exit. Continue extrusion. A gasket is added between the squeezing bar and the pressing bar of the cylindrical squeezing cage to form an oil outlet gap, and the extruded wool oil flows out through the gap.
The press cage of the large spiral oil press is also equipped with a scraper, the scraper mouth is deeply squeezed to the bore, and it is aimed at each ring to prevent the blank from slipping in the squeezing chamber and preventing the return of the billet, so as to adjust the thickness of the cake so as to control the pressure of the squeezing chamber and reduce the residual oil rate. Besides, the machine also has the cake clamping mechanism which makes the cake surface clean and smooth, and often has a steam frying pan, which can make the oil steaming and pressing continuously.
The spiral oil press used as a pre pressing machine is to press the oil with greater pressure, and then press the pre pressed billet again into the press and continue to press or extract oil from the press. As a result, the volume of press chamber at the inlet and outlet side is changed greatly, and the production capacity is bigger.
The work strength of the screw press is continuous, the labor intensity is small, the slag cake after the oil is thin and small, easy to use, but the main working parts in the squeezing chamber are easy to wear, and need to be removed and replaced frequently, and the operating cost is increased.

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