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Common faults and solutions of oil press machine

17 Apr 2018

The hydraulic press is mainly used to use the transmission pressure to make the oil press under static pressure. According to the power of the oil pump, the hydraulic press and automatic hydraulic press can be separated, and the vertical hydraulic press and horizontal hydraulic press can be divided according to the pressure of the embryo cake.

We often encounter the following problems when using hydraulic oil press, for example, the hydraulic pump doesn’t pump oil. The pressure gauge pointer cannot be maintained and rapidly declined. We should find out how to deal with problems in time and minimize the damage to equipment and waste of raw materials.

1. The hydraulic pump does not pump oil

The main phenomenon:

A, filter net is blocked

B and oil have been used for a long time. There are deposits attached to the oil inlet valve, so that the throttle is not closed.

C, oil in the tank is too thick or solidified because of cold weather

Insufficient oil in D and tank

There is no vacuum in E and hydraulic pump.

The solution:

A, cleaning filter net

B, replace the new oil or release the old oil; filter and clean the intake valve, and grind it to make it well sealed.

C, the replacement of oil, cold room temperature should be increased

D, the amount of oil added to the tank

E, pull out a small piston, then into the oil pressure.

2. The top of the rocker

The main phenomenon:

A, oil outlet valve and steel ball contact bad contact

B, the spring head is out of the ball.

The solution:

A, grind out the oil valve, change the new ball

B, expand the spring head.

3. The pointers of the pressure gauge can not be kept and fall quickly.

The main phenomenon:

A and safety valve are not sealed

B, import oil plug valve and ball contact

C, the oil pipe joint and the hydraulic cylinder and the hydraulic cylinder into the oil plug hole is not tightened

D and three return oil valves are not in contact with steel balls.

The solution:

A, grinding safety valve to make it close

B, lapping in and out of the oil valve to make it close

C, the hydraulic cylinder and tighten the hose connector plug

D, grinding the oil return valve.

4. The oil is discharged from the gap between the hydraulic cylinder and the piston

The main phenomenon:

A, a leather bowl sized to a wrong

B, the skin bowl is damaged.

The solution:

Reinstall the leather bowl and replace the new leather bowl.

5 safety valve failure

The main phenomenon:

A, the oil is not clean, the dirt is attached to the contact surface.

B, spring loses elasticity;

C, adjust the screw back not to the specified pressure;

D, often overpressure operation, steel ball to the valve.

The solution:

A, open and clean, such as valve port, needle damage should be lapping.

B, replacement spring

C, adjust the screw to make the pressure up to 40MPa

D, re grinding valve, replace new steel ball and pay attention to operation according to operation rules.

6. The pressure of hydraulic pump is not enough

The main phenomenon:

A, oil exit door has dirt or bad contact

B, press on and out of the oil valve plug and valve seat or poor contact caused by tight oil return

C, small piston and pump body wear gap is too large.

The solution:

A, and then grinding, so close together

B, grinding and pressing machine out of the oil plug valve and valve seat, to seal or tighten the plug

C, replace the new pump.

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