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how to make homemade vegetable noodles without a machine?

06 Feb 2023

Spinach dough should be reconciled in advance. A total of 170 grams of spinach leaves and water should be beaten into spinach juice with a cooking machine. Add 330 grams of high gluten flour and 170 grams of spinach juice, stir them into flocs, and then mix them into dough. Spinach dough eats less water than ordinary dough, so add less flour than ordinary dough. Wake up the dough for 20 minutes, roll it into large pieces, and try to roll it evenly. Apply cornflour on the dough to prevent it from being stained. Fold into wide strips of about 6cm. Cut the noodles about one centimeter wide, and spread them in time to prevent them from sticking together. Cover with plastic wrap and wake up for 5 minutes. After the water boils, stretch the noodles and cook them in the pot.


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