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Full automatic high quality fried instant noodle making machine

23 Mar 2023

Full automatic high quality fried instant noodle making machine How are the instant noodles we eat every day produced? Why make instant noodles into a corrugated shape? Now, the machine replaces the labor. The raw materials are fully stirred and mixed according to a certain ratio, and then the mixed noodles are pressed into shape. After high-speed extrusion molding, the initial wave shape of instant noodles is formed, and the rolled noodles are also steamed. The corrugated noodles can increase the gap, which is conducive to the uniform distribution of steam, and the heating is more uniform, and it is not easy to stick. Next, the dough is fried at high temperature. In the same way, the corrugated surface can have a larger contact area with the oil, which is beneficial to reduce the frying time. At the same time, more noodle pieces can be packed. After frying, the noodle pieces are more crispy, and the corrugated noodle pieces are more compressive and convenient for transportation.



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